Deploying a full-stack application is no easy job. You have to deal with scalability, syncing the state between multiple nodes, having a robust database with backups and replicas, avoiding vendor lock-in and handle many other issues that might happen as the project grows.

This table makes the design of your multi-tier architecture easier by listing the most modern solutions to easily ship a project at scale.

Feel free to combine multiple services together to get the best of all the platforms. :-)

React is one of the most modern solutions to build web applications.
In this article, I’d like to summarise in a practical way the peculiarities of this framework.

Let’s create a new React project

First, make sure you have Node and its package manager (NPM) installed.
Then, open a new terminal:

  1. Install the create-react-app package globally

Lo sviluppo di una applicazione Android può essere effettuato in svariati modi. Lo sviluppatore ha infatti la possibilità di decidere se creare:

  • una app nativa
  • una app ibrida
  • una webapp

App native

Le applicazioni native sono generalmente le più performanti e le più ottimizzate per il sistema operativo in uso…

Matteo Lobello

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